Locale/Tasker Light Sensor Plug-in

Detects when the light changes around your android device, using the built-in light sensor. The light sensor is a piece of hardware that is present in most modern smartphone. It is usually used to adapt the screen brightness. You can use it with the Screen Off plug-in to automatically turn your screen off when putting your device in your pocket, or when you put it face down on your desktop. This helps saving battery life.

This plug-in is highly customizable:

  • -choose your light intensity value in a set of 8 predefined ones like full night or sunrize
  • -display the current light level
  • -choose a custom light intensity value
  • -choose the threshold  to be “below” or “above” 
  • -set up the minimum duration of the condition that will trigger the event

Google Play shows this app only to users who have a light sensor in their device. (If you are allowed to buy this app, then you have a light sensor.)

This is not a standalone app. It requires Locale or Tasker to work.

For Tasker users: Once installed, you will find this plug-in under the "State/plug-in" category, not under the "Event/plug-in" one.
Get it here.